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Cevahir is an international construction and contracting group that was established in Turkey in 1959, and has been carrying out major projects in many countries since 1975. With successful and timely delivery of all its projects, Cevahir has become renowned for its reliability and has taken its place among Turkey’s top construction companies.

In addition to the diverse superstructure projects it has carried out since day one, such as schools, hospitals, residences, hotels and shopping malls, Cevahir has expanded to all areas of the construction industry with many major infrastructure projects for water, sewage, bridges and more. To top it all, Cevahir Yapı is proud to have completed projects for dams, water channels and treatment plants as well.

Expanding abroad in 1975, Cevahir initially carried out many construction projects for the Libyan government and private sector. Since 1978, it has also undertaken and successfully completed diverse infrastructure and superstructure projects in Saudi Arabia, becoming one of the country’s top construction companies back at that time.

After these experiences in Turkey and abroad, Cevahir Yapı started to both build and operate its own construction projects in 1990. Accordingly, it has overseen the design, investment, construction, operation and marketing of many projects that have attracted worldwide attention in the tourism industry.

Although Cevahir’s total number of employees changes periodically based on the number of ongoing projects, it reaches up to 7,000 people, with 300 consisting of technical staff.

Having successfully accomplished major projects in Turkey and in the international construction industry for 60 years, Cevahir continues its path with full confidence.